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August 10, 2013

Parent Involvement

The Jackie Robinson Family YMCA offers youth development, healthy living, social responsibility and most importantly, a safe and secure place for kids and families in San Diego County's most critical community. However, there are many families who ignore the benefits of the YMCA and the schools their children attend.

For this reason, UCSD McNair Scholars Shannon Polee and Dafne Melgar created a bilingual social development program with the purpose of bringing families together. Using surveys and feedback, Shannon and Dafne aim to customize activities, workshops and events that will help us to answer the following research question: "What impact does parent involvement have on the social development of high-risk children?"

Go here to read the final report.

I want to thank Shannon, Dafne, and their Mentor Advisor at UCSD - Luz Chung for this valuable tool that will help the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA improve our commitment to a mission of improving the quality of human life and helping all people realize their fullest potential as children of God through the development of spirit, mind, and body.

"Well done good and faithful servants!"

Michael Brunker, Executive Director
Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

GO HERE to see responses to the question "
What challenges do you face when it comes to being more involved in your child's school?"

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